The Importance of Exercise for Pain Management

I thought this article written by the Registered Massage Therapist Association of Ontario was bang on and wanted to share it with everyone.

One in five Canadians suffer from chronic pain. When also considering acute injuries, it is likely that most Canadians will experience some sort of pain in their lifetime. Now, more than ever, physicians are recommending that people try non-pharmacological therapies to deal with their chronic pain. In addition to offering hands-on manual therapy options, Registered Massage Therapists can recommend a remedial exercise routine that can help you effectively reduce your pain and get back to doing the activities you love.

Chronic Pain

Exercise has been shown to help people with chronic pain decrease their pain severity and improve their physical function.

Regular physical exercise also helps people with chronic pain feel a greater overall sense of wellbeing, increases their independence, reduces the amount they need to rely on the health care system, and decreases their absences from work. While physical activity is beneficial, sedentary behaviour can actually make it more likely that someone will experience chronic musculoskeletal pain and can make pain worse.

Incorporating movement into your day, in whatever way you’re most comfortable with, can help you both manage your pain and help prevent further pain from developing.