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What To Expect In a Treatment.

Chiropractor at Work

The massage therapists will ask you to complete a confidential health history form. Your health history will include any medications you may be taking, and any other health professionals you may be seeing, and is an important element in developing a treatment plan. There may be certain situations where massage therapy may be contraindicated or modified depending on your circumstances, so be sure to provide your massage therapist with complete information about your health condition.
The massage therapist will conduct a thorough assessment to gain a comprehensive understanding of your needs and condition, and will develop a treatment plan to address your specific concern. You have no obligation to undergo any part of the treatment plan, the plan can be stopped or changed at any time, and there will be a reassessment at an appropriate time.
Before beginning your treatment, your therapist will explain how to position yourself on the table, any articles of clothing it would be helpful to remove, the parts of the body they intend to work on and the techniques they intend to use.
Once you have provided informed consent, which includes setting realistic goals for treatment, discussing all possible responses to treatment, and being informed of alternative treatment options, then your treatment will begin.
During your treatment your massage therapist will ask how the pressure is, and how you’re feeling. Be sure to speak up if you have any questions, comments, or requests – your massage therapist should adjust their treatment based on your feedback.
After your treatment, your massage therapist should go over their impression of your condition, and will often suggest some exercises you can do at home to help your condition. They will also recommend when you should come back for further treatment, and approximately how many treatments it will take to reach your treatment goals.

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