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Lunah's bath bombs are carefully crafted with vegan and nut-free ingredients, ensuring they're suitable for all ages. As they dissolve in your bathwater, these bath bombs release a calming aroma of sweet orange and rosewood, enhancing your relaxation. Not only do they provide a serene escape, but they also make for a charming gift and a stylish addition to your bathroom decor. Simply drop one or both bath bombs into your bathwater and watch as they fizz away. The rose petals infuse the water with their therapeutic properties, while the clays work to soften your skin. And, of course, don't forget to retrieve the hidden crystal once the bath bomb has fully melted.

Crystal Gemstone Bath Bomb | Mini 2 Pack

    • Lavish Bathing Experience: Turn your bath into a spa-like oasis.
    • Hidden Crystal Surprise: Discover a crystal inside one of the bath bombs.
    • Relaxing Aroma: Enjoy a calming scent of sweet orange and rosewood.
    • Suitable for All Ages: Perfect for both adults and children.