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Elevate your hair care routine with Lunah's Natural Dry Shampoo, a simple and healthier alternative to maintain fresh, voluminous hair while reducing the effects of heat damage. This non-toxic, biodegradable formula offers a convenient solution to keep your hair oil-free and revitalized.

Natural Dry Shampoo

    • Healthier Hair Care Routine: Lunah's Natural Dry Shampoo provides a healthier approach to hair care by offering an effective alternative to regular shampooing, helping to maintain fresh and revitalized hair.
    • Regulates Oil Production: Formulated with arrowroot powder, this dry shampoo helps regulate oil production, ensuring your hair remains balanced and oil-free.
    • Adds Volume and Texture: Enjoy the added benefits of increased volume and texture in your hair, creating a fuller and more vibrant appearance.
    • Reduces the Effects of Heat Damage: By decreasing the frequency of washing and reducing heat exposure, this dry shampoo minimizes the adverse effects of heat damage on your hair.
    • Nourishes Hair and Scalp: Enriched with natural ingredients, such as kaolin white clay and essential oils, it cleanses and rejuvenates both your hair and scalp.