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This vegan and nut-free magnesium spray offers a holistic solution for various concerns, from muscle pain to stress relief. Formulated with the powerful combination of Magnesium Chloride and an Essential Oil Blend, this spray provides targeted relief for muscle discomfort and soreness. Whether it's post-workout, after a massage, or following extended hours of standing on your feet, this spray is designed to alleviate your physical and emotional strains.

Magnesium Spray

    • Muscle Relief: Magnesium Chloride plays a crucial role in over 300 bodily functions. Deficiency is common, and this spray provides a convenient way to address it, offering relief for muscle cramps and discomfort.
    • Stress Reduction: Our carefully crafted Essential Oil Blend enhances relaxation and overall well-being, helping you combat stress, tension, and headaches.
    • Improved Sleep: Spray this vegan magnesium solution on your shoulders, belly, or the back of your neck for a better night's sleep.
    • Pain Relief: Say goodbye to muscle soreness, restless legs, foot cramps, and more with this natural solution.
    • PMS Symptom Reduction: Soothe menstrual cramps by spraying on your stomach area.
    • Suitable for All: Safe for children aged 6 and over, our magnesium spray offers holistic relief without compromising safety.
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